Leah Wilcox Live

Friday 28th February

This month we welcome the very talented Leah Wilcox from 9pm...

A bit about Leah...

Welcome! :) I’m a Burton/Derby based singer/songwriter, in love with music; dreamy & angelic, or sassy & sickening, it’s my passion. Singing in choirs from 7-13 & having had vocal lessons for 3 years (in which did my grade 8 leisure play vocals), from November 2018, I began to do cover gigs playing guitar myself, backing vocals for friends & a few duos, but my main passion is being an original artist. Now I could never stop.
I reluctantly mention that I’m 15, but I won’t let it define me. I prefer my music to be more honest & believe lyrics should be important & have meaning. It has always been my escape, my paradise, my everything, for as long as I can remember. I also love art & poetry. Also, whether good or not, on stage or off, I can’t. Stop. Dancing.
I’m SO excited for the next couple years & to release my sound that is “unique” to me, so if I’ve caught your attention, then please subscribe, follow my journey & enjoy the content coming very soon!! :)